Bandit and Timbit

In addition to our two small dogs, we have two hamsters in our house.  Each of our two daughters have their own pet hamster that is kept in a large cage in each of their rooms.  Sometimes our house feels like a friendly zoo.

Our 17 year olds’ hamster is the darker of the two and named Bandit.  While our 12 year olds’ hamster is the white one named Timbit.

Both hamsters are usually out of their cages in the evening.  Whenever they are not physically with our daughters, they usually roam around on the floor in their clear plastic balls.

Unfortunately hamsters don’t have a very long lifespan.  They live roughly two to three years.  Each daughter has had a hamster prior to their current hamster.

In 2022, our oldest daughter picked up crocheting as a hobby.  In addition to the crochet pumpkin in the pictures, she decided to crochet a small pumpkin hat for each hamster for halloween in 2022.

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