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Posting Tips

1) When posting be sure to select the appropriate category for the posting to be placed.  Otherwise, the post will not appear in the proper searches, or in some cases the post will not appear at all.

2) When filling out the Address field (located under the Zip Code/Postal Code field), it’s important that you include the full mailing address in this field.  For example: 

635 Hewitson Street, Thunder Bay, Ontario P7B 5V5, Canada

Once the full address has been entered, select the correct address that appears within Google Maps.  If the address that appears within Google Maps is not selected, then Google Maps will not generate the correct Map for your posting. 

Other location fields still need to be filled in as well for the post to appear properly in the Fritsen search.

3) When selecting images, try to use square or horizontal rectangle images and not vertical rectangle images so that the tops of the images are not cut off.  Images in the posts should not be any larger than 800 X 500 pixels (horizontal rectangle) or 500 X 500 pixels (square).

4) After creating your post, be sure to preview it before logging out.  We’ve seen a few posts where images weren’t loaded correctly, the correct Google Map wasn’t showing, spelling mistakes, etc..  Be sure that the information that visitors to your post see is correct. 

5) Limited posting periods are beneficial for the person posting.  With busy schedules, it’s quite easy for a person who created the post to forget about their post over time.  Fritsen Posts will email an automated Posting expiration Notification to the one who created the post 7 days before it expires.  This gives the person a chance to either delete, renew, or even update their post.  This helps keep the posts on this site current.  All expired posts will automatically be moved to trash.  

“NEW” Promotions Feature:

We wanted people to have more flexibility with their posts.  Promotions allows people to add additional files to their post, similar to adding attachments to an email.  These additional files could be menus, brochures, flyers, coupons, etc. 

Do not upload images larger than 725 pixels wide by 950 pixels high.  Images uploaded here will be displayed on the Listing detail page with print and download options.  If images are too large, they will not print properly if a visitor chooses to print a copy of the promotion. 


You are able to upload a pdf file in Promotions.  However, in your Listing the visitor will have to download the pdf file and open it up in a separate window, as pdf files can only be viewed in a pdf viewer.  All other allowed file types (jpeg, jpg, gif), the visitor can view the Promotion file directly in your Listing.

Are Your Posts Appealing?

Speaking as a potential customer, we’ll say that many ads out there on various sites actually deter people from wanting to purchase.  Here’s our personal list of what completely turns us off with various ads.  Hopefully by reviewing this list, you’ll be able to develop winning posts that will produce results.

 No Emails:

Many ads will indicate “No Emails”, or worse yet, “All Emails will be ignored”.  If a person is looking at an ad online, sending an email is one of the easiest ways to ask for further information.  By indicating no emails, the seller has likely lost several potential buyers.

Limited Details:

Let’s use, used Skid Steers as an example.  With so many makes, models and sizes of skid steers out there, a potential buyer would want to know what the different specifications of the machine advertised are.  For example, what’s the flow rate of the auxiliary hydraulics, what’s the lift capacity, etc.  If a potential buyer has various skid steer attachments, they would want to know if the machine advertised is one that is compatible with their attachments.

No Price:

A lot of items listed for sale will indicate something along the lines of “Please Contact” instead of listing an actual price.  This may be a good idea if a seller has two more items listed in the same ad.  Yet if it’s only one item, some people tend to pass ads with no price listed.

No Photo/Image:

We’ve seen so many dealerships’ websites and on classified sites where there are no photos at all.  One would think that it would be fairly simple to go out onto the lot, take a few pictures and add the pictures to the post.

Misleading Photos:

We’ve come across a few used car dealerships who will post photos of what that vehicle looked like when it was brand new, or they’ll post a manufacturer’s photo.  Yet in reality, the vehicle is used and no longer looks like the one in the photo.

Limited Photos:

Again we’ll use vehicles as an example.  We’ve seen ads for vehicles that will have no photos of what the vehicle looks like in the interior.  The vehicle may look good on the outside, but may be very rough and damaged on the inside such as torn upholstery and other damage.

Upside Down Photos:

We’re sure that many people have asked themselves the “what the ……” question when they see photos that are upside down, sideways, really dark, etc.  Sellers need to be mindful that their pictures are taken and uploaded properly.  Otherwise no one is going to take their ad seriously.

Reasonably Priced:

This is a really hard one, determining what is a fair price to list an item for.  For example, one item posted on a classified site and was listed for $50.00.  It sold within a couple of hours.  It so happens that the seller had two identical items.  The second one was listed for the exact same price.  Over a month later the second identical item still hadn’t sold.

The seller wants to make some money while at the same time not having the item priced so low that they are practically giving the item away. The purchaser wants to ensure that they are getting a fair deal.  What will help convince the potential purchaser that they are getting a good deal, is if the seller carefully reviews the points listed above to enhance the quality of their posts.